Google, which has made a name for itself in helping people find their way around the web, is about to add an “in-home” page for websites that they hope will help them stay connected with their friends.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Google said it would start making such a page available to “anywhere from a couple hundred thousand to a couple of billion people” through a new service called Google Home.

Google Home is a Google app that can bring the services of Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and other Google products to the homes of its users, with the goal of making the experience more personal.

“This new feature will make it easier for people to find and share their most loved content from across Google’s services,” Google wrote.

“With Google Home, your friends can now instantly get a peek at your Google searches and videos, browse and search your own social network, and access your Google News feeds.”

Google said it was using the word “Home” in place of the “Homepage” in its post.

The company also said that Google Home will include an “In-Home” feature that will make the new feature available to any device that has the Google search, YouTube or Gmail apps installed.

Google said that it has been working with Facebook to develop its own Homepage, but that it did not have an official announcement about the service.

Facebook also has a “Home page” that is similar to Google Home but that is designed to serve as a sort of “home page” for its services.