The Cincinnati skyline is filled with real estate deals, so how do you feel about the ‘fake skyline’ that’s been painted in the city’s name?

It seems as if the city has been painting the skyline green and yellow with an eye towards attracting tourists, but the city says the colours are “faux” and have caused “insult” to the city.

According to the Cincinnatus website, the “fake skyline” has been painted on the city as a way to promote the “brand” of real estate developer C&G Real Estate.

The website states the logo is the “logo of a real estate development company” and says the “Logo is the trademark of C&Gs Real Estate”.

“Cincinnati’s fake skyline was created to promote real estate developers C&GM and other local real estate companies.

We are proud of our real estate team and their commitment to creating a great experience for our visitors and residents,” the website says.

The real estate company is not a real company, according to its website, but instead a “virtual real estate” company which is registered with the Federal Trade Commission.

It is unclear whether the city of Cincinnati was aware of the trademark.

Cincinnati Mayor Joe Hogsett did not respond to a request for comment on whether he was aware the city was using the “cincinnati skyline” logo.

The city has also issued a public statement saying it has “always strived to create a safe and welcoming environment for all people and that’s why we do not tolerate the use of trademarks that we believe are misleading and potentially illegal”.

But critics have also criticised the city for using the logo to promote its real estate holdings, including its downtown Cincinnati hotel, which is now called the Cineworld.

The Cinostown Hotel has been the subject of numerous complaints about the logo, which was painted on its roof by the city in 2014.

The company says the real estate firm was unaware of the logo until they discovered it on a city building site and took steps to correct it.

Cineworld said it was not aware of any trademark infringement and the city is “wrongfully tarnishing the brand and the reputation of our company and its employees”.

“We appreciate the city trying to clean up its act, and we are working to correct the situation,” the company said.