New York Times best-selling author Lisa Larson-Walker has been working with a design firm to develop a website for her new book, Chicago, which is due out later this year.

The Chicago site is being designed by Design Fuse, which she describes as a “team of designers” working from their own experience with the site.

She says the Chicago site will be “very different” from other websites on the market, as it will feature an in-house design team and a team of designers from across the city.

“The way it’s designed, it’s very, very, distinctive,” Larson- Walker says.

“It’s not like you’re reading about the city in a book.”

The website will also include “a big focus on the city,” she says.

This will include a “chic, eclectic” style of typography and “the whole Chicago aesthetic”.

It is expected to launch this autumn, with a US release in December.

She describes the design team as “very good”, describing them as “one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with”.

“They are very smart and very creative.

They’re very thoughtful.

They’ve built a site that is not only really, really distinctive, but also very creative,” she said.

The site is part of the design agency’s project to “build an audience for our books”, which Larson- the founder of Design Fase and a former director of design at Disney’s World of Disney, is involved in.

Larson- s Walker says the site will feature a large focus on Chicago.

“Chicago is the city where I grew up and it’s been my life,” she explains.

“I want to give a story that is very personal, and I want it to be a reflection of the city.”

She said the Chicago website will feature “a lot of the cool things about the Chicago area”.

“It will be a place that’s very much connected to the city, and it will have a lot of cool restaurants and shops,” she explained.

“We want to show people that you can go to the park and see these places, and that’s going to be really cool to see.”