In the last week, we’ve seen the rise of kids-focused websites, from The Kids’ Place to a children’s website called KidsPlace.

The site was created by a group of friends, all in their 20s, to share their love for designing for kids.

Now, they’re trying to build a more curated website for parents and grandparents, too.

While there are some basic elements of a kids site that are common to other sites, it’s important to know how Google design is different, said Krista Vos, the co-founder of KidsPlace and a designer at DesignBoom.

She also runs the site

Here’s what you need to know about kids websites: How Google design differs from other websites Vos explains that while many parents and other grandparents use Google search to find information about their kids, it doesn’t offer them the same level of control over what their kids see and what information they see.

It also doesn’t have the same filters and recommendations that other sites offer.

“Google is very focused on search, so it makes sense that they’re very focused in that space, and I think Google has a lot of power,” she said.

A good example of a children site is, which has a very similar layout and theme to the KidsPlace blog, except instead of using Google search, the site focuses on recommendations.

That way, you can tell which parents you’re reaching by their favorite book and their favorite genre.

Another good example is which has an amazing, kid-centric layout and is designed by a team of friends.

It’s not as interactive as KidsPlace but it’s a great site that has lots of content for parents to explore, Vos said.

You can search for kids in your area by selecting the state in which you live.

As for the rest of the website design you need, you’ll want to consider how Google uses color and text.

The design on KidsPlace is bold, while the one on KidsLive is almost transparent.

The Google design also has an awesome grid system, with each color representing a different aspect of the site, she said, but Google doesn’t give you a grid that is the same across all the different styles.

The best way to create a kids website is to use Google’s own search engine, which you can find at

In addition to making your own site, Vosters suggests using a design service such as Google Fonts to create an easy-to-use font.

You also should use a webfont provider, such as Adobe, to customize your font.

One of the most important things to remember about Google is that it doesn, in fact, have filters for kids sites, Vosh said.

And Google has plenty of filters.

It can help you find the best content for kids, she explained.

“They have all these filters that are designed to help children, whether it’s by age, gender, race, nationality, religion, disability, or all these different things that are related to their age, and you can sort of look at all of those and choose the best that fit that specific filter,” she added.

The best way for parents, grandparents and anyone else interested in designing for children to find more kids-centric sites is to look at the design of other sites.

For example, KidsPlace has some great content for families, but not for grandparents.

“You can’t really tell whether a site is kids friendly or not unless you go through it and compare it to the other sites that are in the same category,” Vos explained.

You’ll need to find out what other children’s sites offer and how they’re designed to meet parents’ needs, Voss added.