The newest Cincinnati skyscraper to hit the market is one of the biggest and tallest in the country, a mixed-use building with more than 60 floors.

Its owners, BNP Paribas, say it is a model for the rest of the city.

The firm, which has partnered with developer Crenshaw Development Group on the project, is seeking approval from the city to build a 711-foot tower.

The project is being marketed as an upscale residential development with upscale retail, restaurants and office space.

It will include offices for the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm.

The Carlyle group is in the midst of a major expansion that will include the opening of a new headquarters building in downtown Cincinnati.

The company says it will pay $2.8 billion for the building.

Crenshaws building, a mix of office and residential, is on the southwest corner of N. Sixth Street and North Third Avenue in Cincinnati.

It has a combined floor area of 5,700, making it one of Cincinnati’s tallest buildings.

The developers, BNS Realty, said in a news release the building will provide offices for Carlyle’s Global headquarters, as well as retail, office space, a hotel and more.

The building, built in a partnership with the developer, is a mix between office and retail.

The developer has been seeking approval for the project since March, when the city’s zoning commission issued its final approval.

It says the project is a mixed use building with upscale residential, retail and office.

The plans include residential and retail spaces in the core, as opposed to an annex for offices, which is typical for mixed-used projects in the Cincinnati area.

The plan calls for a new retail store and a new restaurant.

The office space is planned for a hotel.

The news release says the Carlyles plan will include about 20,000 square feet of office space and another 20,500 square feet for the hotel.

It said the Carlylets plan is for a building with up to 120 hotel rooms.

It’s unclear how much the Carlylys will pay for the office space but Crenschaws said it will have to contribute about $600,000.

The new project will have about 5,500 jobs, said Mike Gershman, a Crenshow vice president and chief operating officer.

The first floor will have the Carlyleys new office space; a restaurant is planned on the third floor; a hotel is planned in the hotel on the second floor; and a hotel bar is planned above the restaurant on the fourth floor, he said.

The other floors will have apartments for tenants and retail, according to the news release.

“We want to make sure that we have the best mix of tenants, including a mix that is both contemporary and historic,” Gerschman said.

Cerenshaw Development did not return phone calls seeking comment.

The city’s design guidelines for buildings taller than 500 feet require more than 30 percent of the building to be residential.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley says the city is making a “huge investment” in the city that includes its skyline, neighborhoods and schools.

“There’s a lot of investment that needs to go in here to create a city that is better for everyone, that’s for sure,” Cranley said at a news conference in March.