We’ve seen many websites go viral, but few have the same appeal as Weebly’s new Weeblys: a mobile-friendly version of the popular Weeblis website design.

Weebles mobile-only design makes it easy to get up and running in just a few clicks.

And the Weeblies design is totally customizable.

The design for the Weezer website is just a bit of a wild ride.

For starters, the Weems mobile-first website is very different than Weeblis design.

Here’s a sneak peek at the design.

The Weemles mobile design has a lot going for it.

The website is built entirely from the ground up, and the design feels like a natural progression from the Weemlis site.

The logo, title and “home” images all stand out.

We’ve rounded the design out to make it a bit more legible and easy on the eyes.

(Weely’s design is just slightly different than the original Weemlis design.)

Here’s an example of the layout.

The bottom row of icons is text-based, but we’ve made it easy for users to navigate to the icons by tapping on the icons to reveal more information.

The icons are centered on a white background.

The top row of text is text with the top half of the text expanded to give a bit better contrast.

The right and left navigation buttons are placed at the bottom and top of the screen.

Weemly’s website looks very similar to the Weewlis design.

This website looks similar to Weewls design.

You can click on the icon to go to the website, or you can tap on the image to zoom in and view the image.

The home and top navigation buttons also expand to show you the entire page.

Weewlis home navigation is just an icon at the top of each page.

The navigation bar is centered on the left and right navigation buttons.

You’ll need to click on a button to expand it.

We have a few design cues for you to work with.

First, we have the home and left nav bars centered on each other.

This is an intentional design choice that will allow users to scroll between pages quickly.

The left nav bar is an icon on the right side of the page.

When you swipe up on the navigation bar, it expands to reveal a bigger section of the website.

The center button at the upper left corner of each screen has the icon for home.

It also opens up the home menu.

The third icon at each screen is the “home page.”

This is a custom design choice made by Weewliys design team to help users navigate to their own home page.

Here you can see the design in action.

We also have a menu bar on the upper right corner of the site.

This menu bar is placed at a 45-degree angle.

You will notice that the icons on each page are spaced a bit differently.

The lower navigation button is on the top right corner, and you can swipe up to view the menu bar.

The menu bar has a slider, which allows you to adjust the size of the menu.

To navigate to a specific page, you will need to tap on it to expand the page, and then you will see a navigation bar at the lower left corner.

The icon for “homepage” is placed on the menu, and a menu on the bottom of the left navigation bar.

If you swipe right on the home page, the menu on top of it expands and you will be able to scroll to that page.

If we wanted to customize the menu even more, we could add a navigation slider that allows you adjust the number of pages to scroll through.

Here is an example.

The page titles are located at the end of the nav bar.

This navigation slider lets you select which page you want to scroll up to.

When scrolling through, the page titles will scroll horizontally as well.

The main navigation bar can also be customized with custom icons, but this slider will not let you adjust these options.

We’ll be adding more navigation options to the menu over time, and we’ll also be adding an “about” section on the homepage to provide more information about Weemliys website.

Here are the main navigation buttons, and some of the options you’ll have to adjust to get the best experience on the Weetles mobile site.

Navigation Bar, Homepage Menu, About Page Menu, Navigation Bar The main navigational bar on each screen allows you scroll through to the home, about, and navigation menu.

We’re also adding an option to disable the navigation buttons completely.

If this option is selected, users will be redirected to a home page where they can easily access more information and browse through Weemls website.

To disable the nav buttons completely, tap on one of the navigation icons and select “disabled