The UK is about to get the coldest January on record.

Britain’s Weather Centre has recorded a new daily average of minus 0.8 degrees Celsius.

The average in London, where temperatures have been below zero for more than a month, has been -0.1 degrees Celsius, according to the weather service.

In the south of England, temperatures have dipped to -2.8 C (-2.3 F), which is 1.4 degrees Celsius (-1.1 F) colder than the previous record low recorded in January 2017.

In London, the coldiest day was on January 16, when a record low of -2 degrees Celsius was recorded.

At the time, the city recorded a temperature of 0.78 C (-0.78 F).

The temperature in London dropped by 4 degrees C (8.4 F) on January 13, which is a -0,4 C (-1,2 F) increase.

The temperature on January 12, which was -2 C (-4.6 F), was the coldliest day on record in London.

London recorded the cold and snowiest January on Record Day, according the Weather Centre, with a temperature that was -10.2 degrees C (-11.9 F) and snowfall of 17.2 cm (8 inches).

A new record cold day in England has been set in London on January 14, which will set a new record for the cold on record day.

London recorded a -10 C (12.5 F) temperature on Monday, which it also set a record for for the worst snowfall on record on record, with over two inches of snow falling in just two hours.

London’s record snowfall is a record in its own right, with London registering a total of 9.7 inches (21.2cm) in just a single day.

In a historic event, the first snow of the year has fallen in London for the first time in nearly 30 years, and is the first on record for January.

Snow was falling in the city in January, but in the event of a full winter, London would have had the cold in its winter.