Designers are experts at what they do, but it’s hard to make it to the top when you’re not getting paid well, according to the latest report.

Read more:Designers are well paid, but don’t have a huge salary gap, according the latest edition of The Economist’s Salary Index.

We know, it’s a pretty big gap.

The index, which was published on Tuesday, ranks the median salary for designers across the globe.

It looks at a range of industries, including healthcare, advertising, retail and technology, with an eye on how much money designers are making.

It has a median salary of £37,500 for designers, which is a 15 per cent gap between those in the UK and abroad, according The Economist.

It says that gap is likely to widen as the industry becomes more digital, with the rise of social media and mobile applications.

In terms of how much a designer makes, The Economist says that while they get paid a little less than their counterparts in the West, they are still making more than the UK average.

According to The Economist, a designer earns around £27,000 ($33,300) a year in the United Kingdom, while in the US it’s $55,000, or a 13 per cent salary gap.

However, this is only for designers.

The report says that in the U.K. designers earn about $50,000 a year, while it is $85,000 in the rest of the world.

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