How to get a custom search box for your website

By Andrew Rannells, TechCrunch staff writerSeptember 25, 2018 09:00:08The first thing you need to do to set up your own custom search bar is to create an index page.This is

Can you build your own website design?

A new design tool has been designed by a team of designers who have built a website for a former high school senior.The new tool is called ‘Glow’ and it’s

Which website design will you use?

We’re constantly learning new things, and this is one of those times.Here’s the question: Which website layout will you go with?I’m a huge fan of clean, simple designs that don’t

Why the worst website designs are the worst

The best design is what really matters, writes Steve Case.It’s the most effective way to sell a product or service.In this case, it’s an auto-generated video, which is designed to

How to choose a room design package

What to look for when choosing a room for your home?What to think about when selecting a design package?If you’re in a rush and are in need of a quick

How to design an accounting website?

1.Choose a template.There are plenty of templates to choose from.You can use one of these: Free template for designing a website (PDF, 1MB) or an enterprise account template (PDF).A template

How to make a cute website design

What is a website design?Design is the art of building a website from scratch, in the form of an HTML or CSS file.It’s one of the most important parts of

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