This is a blog post by Mark M. Zimlich, a senior design strategist at Google, and it’s based on a piece of research he conducted for a presentation he gave at the 2017 Design Conference.

In his presentation, Zimliebs said that when designing an online business, the designer should not only be thinking about how to deliver the best experience, but also about what to include in the site and how to manage the data that the user will be able to access.

If you want to know how to improve your website, you can’t do it by yourself.

That’s what a design consultant or a designer needs to do, he said.

If you want a website that’s more like a blog, you have to ask a client what the user wants, then tailor the experience around that.

You can’t design a website without knowing how to make the user’s experience better.

This is why the designer has to be really well versed in how the web works.

A good designer also knows when to put the design’s data in the right places, how to use social media and other tools, and how best to communicate with users.

But Zimliks findings do not always come across in the design world, he added.

Designers do not have to be experts in everything to be good designers, but there are certain design practices that are well-known to the community, Zemliches said.

Zimliches’ research found that the majority of web designers do not understand the fundamental concepts of web design.

The best designers, he concluded, understand that their job is to create a good user experience, and that they must take care of the data and the user.