“Apple is going to release another iPhone in the next year,” a source told CNBC on Friday.

“They’re going to get it out in 2018.”

A source close to the project told CNBC that Apple is expected to unveil an iPhone 5S this fall.

The source said that Apple will launch the phone at the end of September, although a timeline was not specified.

The source said the new phone will be called the iPhone 5s Plus and will be similar in design to the iPhone 6 Plus.

The 5s would have a larger display, but the 6 Plus would be thinner and lighter.

Apple is not expected to release the iPhone 7 until the end the year, and the company is also not expected use a new design for the device.

It’s also not known if Apple will use the new design in its next iPhones, as the company’s next smartphone is expected for a few months after the next phone is released.

Apple has previously been said to be working on a new flagship iPhone in 2018, although the details surrounding the device were not clear.

Apple’s next iPhone will be announced at the company to be held at the fall event at the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, where it will unveil new products and new features.