Designers in Ireland should be familiar with the ‘Hat Design’ design, says designer and blogger, Katie Whelan.

She recommends you use a design platform such as iDesign, which has a wide variety of designs to choose from.

“The first thing you should do is download the design from the iDesign website, as it’s very easy to use and very powerful,” she said.

“I’d recommend you start with a basic design template and then you can create a custom design to suit your needs.”

Ms Whelans design studio, The Hat Design, is a small design studio that has been providing design solutions to the city since 2015.

“It’s been an amazing platform to have a small business in Dublin,” she told The Irish News.

“In my view, it’s the only viable way to make money in the city and the only way to get the kind of design that people want.”

For Ms Wharans clients, she said she provides them with a design template which they can choose from, as well as a range of design services.

“They can have one designer do all the work for them, or two, or three, or even six people,” she explained.

“What I find really exciting about it is that the people that are using it, are the people who aren’t really interested in the traditional way of doing things.”

Ms Worley said she enjoys working with clients and said the design platform provided her with a good amount of freedom.

“One of the things I’ve always loved about working with designers is that they have so much freedom to do what they want to do,” she added.

“Designers can create really different designs from a design that I’ve created.”

Ms McQuillan said the company has a small office in Dublin, but that it offers design solutions throughout the country.

“We are located in the heart of Dublin and our customers come from all over the world,” she says.

“Our clients come from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, India and Europe.”

We also work with people from all walks of life to come and see how we can help them to grow their business and to create their own unique designs.

The Hat Designs website is also available in two other languages: English and French. “

A lot of designers do design in Photoshop, which I find a bit confusing,” Ms Mc Quillan added.

The Hat Designs website is also available in two other languages: English and French.

“With all of the changes happening in the world of design, the internet has become the perfect platform to connect designers with clients,” Ms Wquillan says.