The first government website in the U.S. that was created by a single individual. 

A government website can be created in many different ways and is usually based on a set of guidelines, but the most popular way of creating government websites is the flat design method. 

The flat design is a method that can be found in many places, but it is most commonly used in the United States. 

In the U of A, the University of Houston website design team created their website using the flat style and came up with the first government-related website in America. 

When it came time to design the website, the university’s team was very conscious about the design of the website and decided to follow the guidelines laid out in the Flat Design Guidelines. 

“The goal of this project was to build an accurate representation of government and the way it operates in the 21st century,” said university of Houston graduate student Rachel Lea.

“The design was not an attempt to create a modern-day government website, but rather a simple flat design that represented the university as a whole and was inspired by its own history.” 

In addition to being the first federal government website designed by a person, the website was also the first one created entirely in flat design. 

Lea said that it was important to her team that the site was “responsive to the user,” which was a big part of her project. 

As you might expect, the flat website was very responsive to the touch, and the team had to ensure that everything would work well together to create an accurate image of the university. 

While the website has some of the hallmarks of a government website design (such as the large font, wide page, and bold text), Lea said she is impressed with how the flat layout was able to maintain a clean and simple look. 

This is the first time the university has ever created a government-based website. 

According to Lea, the project also gave the university the opportunity to learn about a wide range of design topics, including web design and responsive design.

“It was also a great opportunity to get to know each other,” she said. 

After the university created the website in 2010, they had to make some changes, including changing the font to a larger typeface and adding a slide rule to ensure it would work across all devices. 

But it was all worth it, as the website is still one of the most commonly visited government websites in the country. 

You can check out the flat government website on the University Of Houston website here.