Designer design site WigWam has launched its website design in a bid to help Milwaukee’s young players get a leg up on the competition.

The Milwaukee Bucks website design is a collaborative effort between the company’s designer and the team itself.

The designers worked closely with Milwaukee Bucks President & CEO John Hammond, Head of Basketball Operations Jason Kidd and Director of Player Personnel Brian Bower.

The team also worked closely on the design of the team merchandise.

In the video above, the designers describe how they approached the design.

It was important to make sure that the designs looked cohesive, but also had enough diversity in the designs to give the players something they could look forward to.

“This is a game that has an enormous following, and for us to be able to help players grow and be successful in this league, we wanted to create something that was as close to the game that they want,” the team said.

The WigWs website will include a series of tools to help the team create better designs for players, including a variety of different templates for the player’s face, arm, hands and feet.

The team hopes that the tool will allow the team to “show their true colors” by allowing players to see the overall shape of the player, the designer said.

“We wanted to be a creative team that didn’t just have one template for a player and put them in a box, but instead allowed them to use the tools they had,” he said.

“It’s something that will allow us to create more of an immersive experience.”

The Wigan-based company said that it has received $1.5 million from the Bucks’ arena sponsorship, but has so far received little financial support from the team.