Posted April 02, 2018 12:27:50Google announced a new design program that will help developers design and create websites with websites that will attract users from across the globe.

The program is a part of a broader push to increase the reach of Google’s search engine.

The new initiative, which is part of the Google News team, was announced on Wednesday by Google executive VP of product marketing Daniel Clements.

Google announced the program on its blog.

The program is designed to help developers get started designing websites with high quality web design, as well as to offer a roadmap for them to grow their websites.

The new website development program is one of a number of initiatives Google is taking to boost the number of people who visit its sites.

The company also launched a new YouTube TV channel earlier this year.

Google is offering a two-week program for developers.

To get started, the developers will receive the following:Developers can sign up for the program through Google’s website.

The site design program is available only to developers in the United States and Canada, according to the blog post.

Developers will need to have at least one domain name, including a logo, that has a Google logo.

Google is also looking to offer the program in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Tagalog.

The Google News program will be available for other languages in the future, the blog said.

Developers will be able to submit up to 100 designs per week.

They will be reviewed by a team of designers who will make sure they meet Google’s quality standards.

The team will also have access to the team’s design work and feedback, including on how to improve the designs.

The designers will then submit a design to Google, which will be assessed and evaluated by a panel of developers.

The design will then be used to help Google determine whether a new website can become a high-quality one.

The company has also launched an online course to help designers get started.

The course, designed by the company’s own design studio, will help users learn about the web design process.

The first-year course will cover web design fundamentals, including fonts, colors, layout, and content.

In the second year, it will include how to create an online shop, which allows users to shop for websites.

The course is also designed to teach designers how to develop websites with responsive design.

Developers are invited to submit their own designs for consideration, and the site will be judged by a third-party design studio.

Developers can also apply to be included in the team of 3,000 designers who work on the site.

The Google News site, which debuted last year, features stories and content from major news sites in the U.S. and Canada.

The service is available in Google News Search and Google News Mobile.

Google launched its new news and lifestyle site in April, along with its YouTube TV channels.

The news website is designed for people in their twenties and older.