The Godaddy website is being updated to include the new design, a source with knowledge of the process tells CNN.

Godaddy has a large number of sites and the redesign will be made visible to users, the source said.

The website will remain unchanged, the company said.

Godaddy previously said it would not be selling off its business.

“We have made clear to our investors and partners that we are not going anyplace, not selling out or taking any risks,” the company wrote in a blog post.

More from Amazon, Apple, Netflix and many others make deals with local businesses to make it easier to buy goods and services online.

But it’s unclear if local businesses would be happy with a company offering a cheaper option to consumers.

Google, which owns Google Shopping, is already offering discounts to local businesses through its Shopify platform, a company that lets people search for and buy online through their home or business.