The iPhone 7 is an upgrade for Apple.

Its big new display has been the biggest selling point, and the new Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Sport models have been equally impressive.

The new models also come with all the usual additions.

But they’ve also been redesigned to be more visually interesting.

For example, the new watch face design now has a dark black colour palette and features a dark, angular design.

It’s also now much thinner, so there’s less space to work with on the new display.

And the iPhone 7’s design also has been redesigned.

The iPhone’s rounded corners and slightly curved edges have been simplified.

The design is still fairly similar to that of the original iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but the new look has brought the rounded corners to a more natural-looking look.

There are also a few new animations and effects to take advantage of, such as rotating the screen to reveal the clock, or showing the notification bar as a new icon on the home screen.

It’ll all be more obvious to users.

The Apple Watch will be getting its own design update, too.

Apple’s Watch OS is now based on iOS 11.

Apple says the new design makes it easier for people to see information in the Watch.

This means you can see all the important information that is important to you on your wrist without having to swipe to the right or scroll to the left.

It also means that Watch apps can work much more smoothly, because they now work across multiple screens.

This has a lot to do with the design of the new watches, which are a little thicker than the original models.

For instance, the Apple Watch 5S was only 7mm, while the new models are now 11mm.

This is to accommodate the extra width of the display.

The other changes to the design are mostly cosmetic.

For one, the screen on the Watch is now much more rounded.

The edges are curved to make the Watch more visually distinct from other watches.

It should also be easier to read on a bigger screen, as the new icons are now much smaller.

You can see a more detailed breakdown of the changes here.

The screen on Apple Watch has been simplified Apple’s new design is also more flexible than the old watch design.

The Watch has now been redesigned with two different sizes, from the 4.7-inch watch display on the original Apple Watch to the 5.5-inch Apple Watch Edition.

The 4.3-inch display is still there, but now sits above the 3.5mm audio jack, and is used for Siri, notifications, and other things that are useful on larger screens.

It still has the same rounded edges, though.

And now, Apple has included a second screen on top of the main watch display.

This new display is called the ‘Touch Bar’, and it’s just below the main display.

It contains a ‘home’ button that lets you toggle the Home app on and off, and a ‘read aloud’ button for reading the latest message.

It can also be used to read notifications and other messages from the watch face.

The Touch Bar has also been made bigger, to accommodate a new display that’s much bigger than the one on the main screen.

The entire design is now a touch screen.

This will allow you to swipe up or down from the bottom to see more information, or swipe left or right to move around the watch.

It will also make the iPhone even easier to see as a smaller device.

In the new version of the watch, there’s also a ‘watch face’ button, which can be used for a different type of gesture than the main home button.

The watch face button on the iPhone now has more screen real estate, which is also a nice touch.

The ‘read’ and ‘read again’ buttons can also now be used as swipe gestures.

You could use the home and read buttons to swipe across the screen in a row, and swipe left and right to read.

The gesture can be activated using the watch’s new Home button.

Apple Watch owners will now have access to a whole new collection of Apple Watch apps.

The apps that are coming to Apple Watch now will be much more useful, and will help to give you a better understanding of what’s going on in the world around you.

There will also be a new ‘WatchKit’ app, which will make it easier to create and share WatchKit-style apps.

These apps can then be shared with the WatchOS team on their app stores.

The first batch of new Watch apps will launch later this month.

If you’ve already purchased an Apple Watch, you’ll still be able to download the new apps and the WatchKit apps later this year.

This includes all the Watch apps from the Watch OS team, but also WatchKit itself.

There’s also no longer a need to purchase an additional Apple Watch.

The old app store will remain in place for a while longer, and there will be