It can be tricky making a website that doesn’t look like a corporate website, but this guide is designed to help.

It also gives you some guidelines on what you should be looking for in a designer website design.

We’ve made a selection of our favourite website designs to make your life easier, and here are a few more that we’ve added to the mix.

Design by Grits on GritSugar, designed by Grendel.

Designers are often criticized for being overly formal in their designs, and while this may sound like a criticism to some, we’re here to help!

This is a classic web design.

The font looks perfect and the colors match the rest of the design.

This is by designer Daniel Maresca, a popular designer in the US.

Designs by Zalman Shagrana, designed and developed by Zalmash, and by designer Mark C.S.P. on Design Busters.

Designing websites by Danica D. and Danica S. on theDesigns By Design Blog.

Designer Matt Phelan created a stunning design for the design studio at The Center for Design Excellence in Minneapolis.

Design and programming by Paul H. on Daring Design.

This website is by design.

The design looks like it was done by an old school programmer who knew how to program.

The fonts look great and the design is great.

This design is by Paul Phelant.

DesignbyGrits, designed, developed, and edited by Matt Phem.

This project is a beautiful, minimalist design.

It looks great, the colors are great, and the layout is clean.

It’s by Matt and has a nice layout.

Design-by-Design by Mike and Stephanie on Design by Design.

A modern design with a modern feel.

This looks like a great design, but we think the website design looks better with a more rounded and professional look.

Designed by Daniella, created by Dannella.

This is by Danique, who is a designer in Mexico.

Design for Your Website by J.C.G., designed by Danicela, by Jandrey, by Danine.

A modern, minimal design that looks great on the iPhone.

This one looks like one of our favorites.

Design on Purpose by Chris H., created and edited and designed by Chris.

A simple, beautiful design.

A solid design that makes you want to go online.

Design By The People by Matt C. on Designer Busters and Design by The People.

A great design with great typography and a beautiful design!

This design by the designers at Designer Buster is fantastic!

Designers like the designers we featured here and many others have also created excellent designs.

Here are a couple more.

Design, built and tested by Matthew and Stephanie for Design by the People.

A great design that’s been designed and tested.

The colors are fantastic and the website looks great.

The designers at Design by People have also made great design.

Design from scratch by Chris, designed for The Center For Design Excellence by Mike & Stephanie.

A simple design that feels great on any device.

Design by Mike has a great look.

It features the typography that’s familiar to everyone.

Design By the People also has great designs.

Design is perfect for your site by Danicus D., designed for Design Buster.

A beautiful design that has been built from the ground up.

Danicus has an easy design that is clean and simple.

Design in style by Danika, designed with the help of designer Matt P. and published by The CenterFor Design Excellence.

A clean and minimalist design with an awesome typography.

Design is a great website by Design by Dan.

Design made with style by Michael J., designed with a designer Matt and published on The Center.

A clean and minimal design with minimal typography for an elegant website.

Design done right by designer Dan, designed to perfection by Designer Dan.

A gorgeous design with the typeface and design done right.

DesignDone right is a cool design that we love!

A simple, elegant design with beautiful typography by designers Matt and Stephanie.

A stunning design that uses a simple font for a bold design.

Design done right is the ultimate website.

The typeface is great!

Designs for Life by Chris and Danique on Design By The Designers Blog.

A classic design with gorgeous typography, bold colors and a simple design.

I think this is one of my favorites.

Design For Life is a unique design that can stand on its own and is well worth checking out.

Design created by Daniel M. on TheCenter for Design.

Design for Life is an interesting design with typography made for simplicity and style.

It comes from a designer who loves the typefaces, colors and fonts that are prevalent in today’s web design environment.

Design Made Simple by Paul, designed using a designer from The Centerfor Design Excellence,